The Best Way to Get Free Jordan Sneakers in 2022

The best way to get free AIR JORDAN shoes in this year is to register for Shopee and buy products of the same price through our shrimp skin shop. You will receive a pair of free Jordan shoes and a bag with a price of more than 100 Singapore dollars.

Detailed steps for obtaining free Jordan shoes:

  1. Contact us and send us the pictures and sizes of Jordan shoes you want;
  2. Download Shopee, register and log in;
  3. Click the shopee link we shared with you, and then you will see a product link for selling bags. Don’t care about these. Choose the size directly. The size you saw is the size of the jordan shoes. Choose according to the size you usually wear, and then pay;
  4. After we confirm the order, we will arrange the delivery within 2 days. After about 15 days, you will receive a pair of free Jordan shoes and a bag.

You may ask: What is shopee? Is it safe? Can I really receive free Jordan shoes in this way?

I think you can learn more about what is shopee through Wikipedia. But in short, it is a shopping platform similar to Amazon.


Is it safe to pay through it? Of course, it is safe. It’s like shopping on Amazon is 100% safe.

In this way, you can not only buy a bag, but also receive a pair of free Jordan shoes.

Do you accept this way of purchasing free Jordan shoes?

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