your Jordans are fake as fuck

What is Fake Jordan meme?

We all know fake jordan, and also know that meme is the Internet meteor language, so do you know what fake jordan meme means? In fact, fake jordan meme refers to a series of popular Internet stalks around fake jordan shoes. it originates from a void comic posted to Facebook in July 2020 and spread over the following years in further image macros.

So let’s take a look at the memes about fake jordan on the whole network.

July 18, 2020

your Jordans are fake as fuck

This is the first fake jordan shoes meme. On July 18, 2020, an ironic meme appeared on Facebook in which a shadow man grabbed a girl by the shoulder and said, “Your Jordans are fake, fuck it,” .

September 9th, 2020

On September 9th, 2020, a Instagram user posted a version of the fake jordan meme using comic, gaining over 17,000 likes in two years.

jordan fake meme - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

On June 3rd, 2021

On June 3rd, 2021, a Redditor posted a version of the meme using an edited JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure panel to /r/ShitPostCrusaders gaining over 2,600 upvotes in nine months.

the meme using an edited JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

October 1st, 2021

On October 1st, Instagram[4] user posted a meme using the phrase with an image of Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad, gaining over 32,000 likes in five months (shown below).

December 11th, 2021

On December 11th, YouTuber posted a video using the phrase in a skit with SpongeBob SquarePants characters, gaining over 2.7 million views in three months (shown below).

Your jordans Are fake spongebob

In fact, in addition to these fake jordan memes, we also collected a lot of memes about the fake jordan logo. As shown below:

After seeing these funny fake jordan logos, can you still remember the real jordan logo?