About us

QiuYingShoes.store(QYS) is a fake shoes website, It entered search engine after Google’s official review.

If you’re looking for replicas of big-brand shoes, congratulations, you’re almost here.
We are dedicated to researching all kinds of fake shoes in the world. The fake Jordan, fake Balenciaga, fake off-white or sb dunk shoes you’re looking for. . We have dabbled in fake shoes of various fashion brands. You can not only learn the most straight-forward truth about fake shoes, but also find the highest quality fake shoe manufacturers.
Existence is reasonable. Although it is illegal to sell fake shoes. But fake shoes meet the needs of many people who want to buy name brands. Don’t the poor deserve to wear famous brands? No, we are all created equal, are those rich people who stand on the order of wealth deliberately making things difficult for us? Why sell products in limited quantities? Why drive up the price so high? Isn’t all this what the capitalists are doing?
We are ordinary people. We may not have a lot of money, but we all have a heart for beauty.
So fake shoes are not unacceptable. As long as the quality is high and the price is cheap, why are we not willing to try it?

qiuyingshoes.store isn’t the only site reporting fake shoes, and it won’t be the last to sell fake shoes.