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What Does the PK Fake Shoes Mean

If you often buy fake Jordan or YEEZY, then you must have seen descriptions similar to PK version fake shoes. PK fake shoes refer to high-quality replicas of shoes that can be PK with genuine products. This type of fake shoes is very good in terms of quality, details, materials, comfort, etc. Therefore, we often see descriptions such as PK version fake… in the SEO titles of some fake shoe product links.

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Among the fake shoes made in Putian, China, PK version shoes usually refer to the highest quality counterfeit shoes, with very fine materials and craftsmanship, and the price is much higher than the ordinary version shoes. PK version fake shoes are usually only used in the high-end market, and only a few people can afford them. In addition, PK version shoes are also used by some people to refer to replica shoes, because some PK version shoes may be made in a counterfeit and shoddy way, and there are certain differences from the genuine ones.

The quality, details and materials of PK version bootleg shoes are better than ordinary knockoff shoes, so the price is relatively high.

In Putian, Fujian, China, fake PK shoes are usually only targeted at the high-end market, and only a few people can afford them. The prices of these bootleg shoes are even similar to those of genuine shoes, of course, they usually refer to those shoes that have been discontinued.

In the past few years, the production process and quality of Putian shoes have been greatly improved. Some Putian shoe brands have begun to focus on design and quality, using better materials and production processes, making their products closer to authentic ones. However, there are still some low-quality Putian shoes, which may have some problems, such as poor material quality, rough production process, etc. Therefore, when buying Putian shoes, you need to carefully distinguish the quality and authenticity of the shoes.

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Generally speaking, PK shoes are of higher quality among the copy shoes from Putian, but the price is also relatively high. When buying PK shoes, you need to shop around.


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