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Are Just So So Shoes Fake?

I believe those who have seen human race sneakers must have a sense of familiarity at the moment they see just so so sneakers, because apart from the prints and color details on the shoes, the midsole and overall design of the shoes are almost the same. So are Just So So shoes fake shoes?


“Just So So” means ordinary, average. This special phrase originates from an alternative translation of ordinary things by Chinese people.

According to the introduction of official website of “Just So So”, the factory address of this brand is in quanzhou city, fujian province. Those who have some understanding of the chinese fake shoe market should know that the famous birthplace of putian shoes is also located in fujian province. You can find the answer to what putian shoes are in my previous articles. The main source of the keyword putian shoes is that putian city mainly relies on selling fake shoes to boost gdp. So, it’s impossible to say that “Just So So” has nothing to do with fake shoes. However, it cannot be precisely stated that just so so shoes are fake. Strictly speaking, this is a counterfeit sneaker brand that is trying to innovate independently.

Just so so Shoes Vs Human Race Shoes

From the above picture, it is evident that just so has borrowed the design of human race nmd from the appearance of the shoes. But on this basis, many changes have been made to some details of the shoes.

Firstly, there is the design of the sole. Just so so adopts a hollow design, while the human race adopts a serrated design. The performance of the two in terms of comfort, anti slip, and other aspects is different.

Next is shoelaces. Just so so shoes adopt the strap design of regular sports shoes, while the human race directly omits the laces and uses a retractable slope to meet the internal space requirements of different people’s feet.

Finally, there are prints and text on the shoes. At this point, it can also be seen that just so so’s efforts in pursuing innovation are not blindly copying all the designs of the human race. It has to be said that this is a successful “replication”.

However, why are the shoes of these two brands so closely separated?

From just so so, we can see the predicament of the chinese sneaker market. There are too many sneaker manufacturers like just so who want to launch their own independently designed sneaker style. They have tried, but there is almost no doubt that they have all failed. Therefore, they can only make some minor modifications on the basis of the replica. Just so so is an example of this.

So, which of the two shoes shown in the above picture do you prefer?


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  1. I think it is not fake shoes, because I can not see the common features of these two kinds of shoes

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