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How Do People View People Wearing Fake Shoes in China?

As is well known, wearing fake shoes is a very courageous thing. Because there is a lot of controversy surrounding the evaluation of people wearing fake shoes. Do you know how people in China view people wearing fake shoes?


This topic is being hotly discussed on the Chinese version of Quora forum, with over 40 comments on this topic. We have selected several representative viewpoints for your reference.

The first answer to receive 14000 likes is as follows:

How do you view people wearing fake shoes?

In one sentence, look at it normally. I only despise one kind of person: those who sell fake shoes at the price of real shoes, this is deception and fraud. As someone who has been obsessed with sneaker culture for more than ten years, I have been thinking about the mentality of people who wear fake shoes since I started buying shoes? This is actually not a difficult question, because I also bought fake shoes when I was a child, and now I am seriously asking myself. As for how to view it? The questioner gave an example of a roommate who is forced to buy fake shoes and clothing. Does it mean that everyone should come and despise those who buy fake shoes? If you want to see these, no problem, skip my answer. So many indignant friends below are actively boasting that they have always only bought real and not fake shoes, while hating friends/roommates/best friends/passersby who are forced to buy fake shoes and clothing…Since I became obsessed with basketball, NBA, and Wade in 2005, I have been immersed in this sport. At that time, Wade’s Converse Wade 1.0 was my first memory of sneakers. How could a pair of shoes be so handsome? I dreamed of wearing a pair of basketball groups every day, but at that time there was basically no Internet and no e-commerce. I didn’t know anything about sneakers, even the sports goods store on the street rarely went in, and I didn’t know where to buy them. Plus, there’s not much pocket money, so sneakers are still just a dream. Until one day my friend secretly told me to go to the alley next to the school after school and have a look, there are super cheap basketball shoes. I didn’t even have the energy to attend classes all day. As soon as school was over, I rushed out and went to that small, dark shoe store to buy a pair of Wheat 6 for 110 yuan. This is the beginning of my exposure to sneakers. I had no idea what real or fake shoes were at that time. I was so excited to wear them every day to play basketball, but soon after they came off the glue and were scrapped…. I finally found out that I bought fake shoes, and I started walking into the shoe store to see real shoes. But the pocket money during my student days was really too little. I couldn’t afford real shoes at all. All my money was used to buy dunks and size magazines. Unwilling, I went to that fake shoe store again in my second year of junior high to buy shoes. I originally wanted to buy a pair of basketball shoes, but when I was about to pay, I saw a pair of white sneakers. At that time, I didn’t know about sneakers. I thought these shoes were different from basketball shoes, but they looked too handsome, overturning my aesthetic at the time. This is a fake pair of Air Force 1 shoes, with rainbow crystal soles. I can’t even find the genuine version of these shoes, I’m not sure if they are. After these two pairs of shoes, I will never buy fake shoes again. Not breathable, my feet smell so bad every day when I go home; Wearing the shoes for a long time directly deforms the body, in current words, there is no support; Not to mention various debonding openings. Since then, I have made an agreement with my parents that I can choose a pair of genuine sneakers to buy every New Year. I have been getting to know more and more about sneakers since I started getting a pair every year during my student years and now that I have been working for more than a month after graduation. I only buy real shoes.I used to despise buying fake shoes because I thought they were too flashy. When I was shopping with my girlfriend, I saw a person wearing fake shoes right behind their back: that person was wearing fake shoes, you could tell at a glance, tsk tsk. I couldn’t hide my disdainful gaze when someone wearing the same shoes caught me on the road wearing fake ones. I buy more and more shoes. I used to think that I really paid for the shoes for my emotions, it was my true love for basketball and sneakers, it was a positive energy in this world; And those fake shoe dealers and those who buy fake shoes are all some low achievers, far inferior to me.Until one day while walking on the road, I bumped into someone else’s shoes again, a pair of James basketball shoes. That’s a high school student who just finished school. Let’s go home with a basketball. I followed behind him, my disdainful energy bar already exploding. He was walking ahead, and I followed him. As I walked, I increasingly felt like he was the same person I was when I was a child. From time to time, I lifted my feet and looked at the side of my shoes, either spinning or dribbling along the way. Occasionally, I also had to cross over and shake the imaginary opponent in front of me. I don’t really care or know what real shoes or fake shoes are, my mind is only basketball, and I like to daydream and want to play a game on the school playground, shake or dunk, and watch the girls cheering off the field. I began to realize that I was foolish enough to try to see someone wearing shoes and label them as such.I really want to step forward and pat that little brother, telling him you don’t need to buy fake shoes. Nowadays, many real shoes are also very cheap. But the fact that someone else is wearing something fake is hard to say. Others are dressed happily, and when you say something about your fake, isn’t it lacking in heart and mind, and I think it’s extremely impolite. I didn’t continue to follow that little brother anymore. Let him slowly carry the ball away and also take away some of my thoughts together.Wearing real shoes is politically correct, there is no problem at all, and it is worth acknowledging. I completely agree with it. But never try to evaluate or view a person with shoes as an external object. This world is too complex and diverse. Everyone in this world is completely different, and there will never be a universal formula to evaluate a person, such as “A condition leads to B conclusion”. If it could really be like this, the world wouldn’t be so beautiful. Everyone follows the factory settings like AI, and there wouldn’t be anything as charming as human nature. Many times, ask yourself your inner thoughts, whether you really like shoe culture or just the vanity and pleasure that brand shoelaces give you. If you find yourself, that’s enough. What do others do and what do they have to do with you?

The second answer to receive 30000 likes is as follows:

My boyfriend is a person wearing fake shoes

We have been together since high school, when we were all students, and a pair of shoes worth eight hundred is not a small amount for us. I have been studying in rural areas and have not had much exposure to Adidas and Nike AJs, and I am not quite sure how expensive those shoes are.Until one time I told him that I wanted to buy a pair of small white shoes, I chose a few pairs of small white shoes on Taobao (in high school, my family didn’t buy me a smartphone, I only have an elderly phone, and occasionally use his phone to check Taobao), all of which cost a few tens of yuan and a hundred yuan. In my opinion, they were not bad. He said he had already selected it for me and showed me a pure white AJ. As someone who had never seen the world before, how could I know that these shoes cost over a thousand!!! I thought it was similar to what I chose, so he foolishly said it looked pretty, and then he bought it back.We are in a different place. Once, while browsing Nike’s store, I fell in love with a shoe and bought it for him. I mailed it back to him, and although he complained about my reckless spending, I knew he was very happy. At that time, he said it was his only pair of real shoes.Returning to the issue of wearing fake shoes, I won’t look down on those who wear fake shoes, but I will look down on those whose financial conditions do not allow me to ask my parents for money to buy real shoes. Shoes can be true or false, but people should distinguish between good and evil, and speak of integrity and shame.

The third comment that received 10000 likes is as follows:

I think caring about what’s on your feet is a narrow idea

When I was in junior high school, I didn’t even understand the brands of sports shoes. My mother and I always just walked into a shoe store on the street and bought them. One day, my mother bought me a pair of fake Adidas and seashell heads. In fact, she doesn’t understand brands either (older people of this age are basically like this). She walked into a shoe store by herself and thought it looked pretty, so she bought it. At that time, I was still young and just thought it looked good. I could just wear it. Then I was very happy and immediately wore new shoes to school. Originally, no one said or paid attention, but one day during a sports meeting, everyone was sitting on the lawn. A girl from our class came over and asked me, “Is your Adidas real or fake? It looks quite fake.” I was a bit tacky at the time… I heard of this brand, but I didn’t know it was, so I felt a bit ashamed. I smiled stiffly and said it was bought by my mom, I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t. She glanced at it twice and then walked away with a smile on her face. From then on, although I was a bit sad, I didn’t care much and continued to wear these shoes. My mother didn’t find it easy either, so she continued to wear them if she could. Later, the shell head of the fake shoes fell off from the joint, and my mother seemed to know about it. She said that the shoes we bought were probably fake. I’m very sorry. Starting from this incident, I also gained an understanding of the concepts of fashion brands and shoes. It wasn’t until high school that I realized some people really care about shoes, after all, we are all children. It’s probably like looking at people first and then at shoes. Some people in our school also wear those very expensive shoes. In high school, there are not many people who can see the truth at a glance, but there are some who don’t know the truth and insist on the price that they can’t afford fake shoes. Seems to understand very well. Some people know it’s fake, maintain others’ self-esteem, see through it but don’t say it through. Now it’s also my mother who buys me what I wear. Even though she doesn’t have much discernment, I know that some shoes my mother bought wrong are fake, but I can’t stop wasting them. Shouting like an immature child, right? It’s really not easy for her to make money. When I was in school, I could wear small white shoes worth over a thousand or a few hundred yuan, and I could wear real or fake shoes. Moreover, my money was not earned by myself, so I didn’t have the courage or need to ask my parents to buy me shoes worth over a thousand yuan. I have seen a boy in our class wearing fake shoes and being ridiculed in front of him by Brother Dong. In fact, the boy who understands shoes himself did not wear any expensive shoes. Maybe his mother didn’t know how to buy the boy’s shoes. Maybe he couldn’t afford to buy them to meet his own preferences, or maybe it was vanity. There are also those who wear fake shoes and point at others saying that my shoes are more expensive than yours combined. (There really are people like this, our class already has them.) After saying so much, I set aside those very, very strict intellectual property rights, and I don’t know if there will really be those who say that wearing fake shoes harms genuine sellers to criticize me. I don’t think wearing knockoff shoes is a big deal, at least I’m currently in school, that’s how I feel. But wearing fake shoe and wearing hard clothes is really despicable. There is another way, which is to understand oneself very well and poke at others’ self-esteem, making them very embarrassed. I think caring about what’s on your feet is a narrow-minded idea. You can treat your shoes as just ordinary things, like a walking aid, rather than a fashionable item. Looking at it normally.

The fourth comment received 26000 likes:

I used to be a person wearing fake shoes.

That’s a pair of light lake blue Prada high heels, the style is very classic, with pointed toes and slim heels, but that touch of lake blue has been unforgettable since I first saw it in the shop window. It’s so beautiful. I really want to have it. But the shoes proudly displayed in the showcase were priced higher than my pre tax income for a month at the time. But my desire for these shoes was too strong, and I crazily searched for the same style on Taobao by changing keywords. I lived up to my expectations and found a pair of fake shoes with the original foreign trade label, for only 680 yuan. I didn’t hesitate to buy it and would always take out this pair of shoes to match whenever I needed to dress up. But I never want people to see the gilded logo on the soles of these shoes, it’s an unsightly secret of mine. A few years later, as my income gradually increased and I could easily afford some of my favorite luxury items, I went to Prada’s store in Milan to buy back the same pair of lake blue high heels. When comparing two pairs of shoes together, the quality difference between genuine and fake is obvious, not to mention the ravages of wearing fake shoes for a long time. But I seem to prefer those fake shoes because they represent the years when there was a desire driven, ambitious self who wanted to have good things. At that time, life had just begun, and I ran fiercely, believing that wherever I went, flowers would bloom, even though the goal I was heading towards seemed ridiculous and shallow. By the time one can truly have those lake blue high heels with their own efforts and struggles, the scenery they yearn for is no longer just a routine scenery along the way, but has lost its charm under the filter of desire. Of course, I will not wear fake shoes anymore because the risk of wearing fake shoes is perceived as vanity and lack of integrity. For me, who is starting my own business, there is no need to take on such risks to save a few thousand yuan. More importantly, it has already passed the time when I need big brands to support my appearance. Even if I wear affordable unlicensed shoes, no one will underestimate me. On May 4th, 2018 at 18:24, the editor agreed with 261088 comments, shared and collected. Liking Qin Ziyu’s strength is enough to resist the enemy, but debating can play the role of non. 10000 people followed and agreed with the answer. One day, I was wearing a pair of Vans sneakers. When the class representative was holding my homework, he asked me, “Teacher, are you wearing Vans?” I didn’t think it was worth encouraging students to pay attention to brands, so I replied, “I don’t know. When I saw something nice while shopping, I bought it.” The class representative said something that I would never forget: “Last year, a classmate in our class wore a pair of fake shoes like this, which they kept talking about and ended up crying.” Since then, I have never worn shoes that are called brand shoes in school again. So I found out that many domestic shoes, such as Feiyue Huili, are really beautiful, comfortable, and cheap. Finally, where do fake shoes come from without real shoes, without the pursuit and flaunting of brand intelligence? Where do those who wear fake shoes to conform to the crowd. The confidence gained from a pair of real shoes is tragic. The dignity gained from a pair of fake shoes is pitiful. The arrogance gained by mocking others for wearing fake shoes is despicable, shameful, and hateful.

The fifth comment, although short in content, received over 4000 likes:

When I was young and inexperienced, my father taught me a sentence that I still remember. “Whenever you want to criticize anyone,” he said to me, “remember, not everyone in this world has had the superior conditions you have.”

– Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby.”

These comments describe my different views on people wearing knockoff shoes. However, we found that people do not think wearing fake shoes is a shameful thing. But it emphasizes that everyone should buy shoes based on their own financial ability.

In fact, we should treat people who wear fake shoes with a tolerant attitude. After all, not everyone can afford luxury goods.

Although wearing fake shoes may seem like an embarrassing thing, it satisfies the dilemma that many people want to buy but cannot afford. In addition, each of us should see through the capitalist marketing methods. Why can a pair of YEEZY350 v2 be sold for US$10,000? Why limited edition? Is a pair of shoes really that expensive to make?

Everyone has the right to pursue fashion, and these hateful capitalists deprive the poor of their right to pursue fashion. They deliberately set these handsome and attractive shoes (which can also refer to any product) so that you and I cannot afford them. Price is used to distinguish status and level. Isn’t this marketing technique despicable?

Therefore, we don’t have to look down on people who wear fake shoes. Because you are not necessarily nobler than me!


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