Fake Balenciaga Track Black Shoes PK: OK vs Good

Are you still wondering whether to buy a Balenciaga track worth $100 or a Balenciaga track worth $200? Don’t hesitate, compare the differences between fake balenciaga track black shoes at different prices, and you can quickly decide whether to buy cheap or expensive.

We bought two different versions of black balenciaga track replica from the market. OK version vs GOOD version, OK version balenciaga track “black” is $50 cheaper than GOOD version balenciaga track “black”. In terms of overall restoration, both versions are unsatisfactory. This time the picture is more detailed than fake jordan 1 low trophy room, allowing you to make a better comparison. You can also use these figures as a reference for other versions. What you see is what I see. You can compare them yourself as to whether they are good or bad and how to choose.

Overall Contrast

These two versions of fake Balenciaga black tracks are quite satisfactory in shape, but the color is quite different from the genuine ones. The genuine Balenciaga track black is more of a blue-black color due to a large amount of whitening and distressing. Including tongue mesh and more. Balenciaga black tracks after 2022 are all blue and black, and previous batches cannot be judged. However, compared to these two version of fake Balenciaga black track shoes, they are all pure black and there is no color change in the entire shoe.

Tongue Contrast

The closest thing to the real balenciaga black track shoes is the Good version of fake black balenciaga track shoes. Whether it is the leather stitching under the letters or the position of the letters themselves, they are almost exactly the same as the real balenciaga track black. On the other hand, the OK version of the fake balenciaga black track shoes has not only different stitching on the leather than the original, but also the overall letters have no curvature.

Reflective Contrast

As you can see, whether it is real black balenciaga track shoes or fake balenciaga black track shoes, the shoe body is made of mesh, leather, reflective materials and other materials that are superimposed on each other and spliced together. The most popular personality elements of the moment are inserted into the rich hip-hop style. The overall look is inspired by trail running shoes. Equipped with extremely challenging extra-large soles. Balenciaga logo printed on the toe.

The reflective part of the genuine product is darker in color.


An anti-counterfeiting technology of Balenciaga shoes: as long as you turn on the flash of your mobile phone in a place with no light source, the fake shoes will be completely exposed.

It is easy to see here that the two versions of black track shoes on the market either lack old-fashioned craftsmanship or have wrong material selection. You can tell at a glance that they are fake Balenciaga shoes.

The main thing to look at on the tongue is the word Balenciaga, and genuine products have a certain depth. And pay attention to the fonts. Some fonts on the market are done right, but the edges are rough, some even have the wrong fonts, and some even lack depth.

There are many different versions of fake black Balenciaga track shoes on the market. The quality of these shoes is basically divided into three levels: you can tell it is fake at a glance, only experts can tell it is fake, and they can pass the legality test of sports shoes.

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