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PJ Tucker Wears Fake Nike Air Max 97 ‘Off-White’ to Play Ball

Recently, a player caused a sensation by wearing a pair of fake air max 97 off white, and he is the familiar NBA “shoe king” – PJ Tucker.


Basketball fans and shoe fans are very concerned about the sports shoes worn by NBA players, whether they are practical or fashionable. When they see some limited edition or PE styles, they hope that one day this color design will be on the market. When the Nike Air Max 97 ‘Off White’ was released, it was also sold out. Today, when people see a miniature of this shoe on PJ Tucker’s feet again, it feels even more intimate.

In last week’s NBA game, PJ Tucker wore a pair of Kobe 5 colors that he had never seen before and appeared on the court. We could see that the shoes had a white themed color scheme similar to “Nike Air Max 97 ‘Off White’”. The label design behind the Swoosh, as well as the AIR text on the shoelaces and midsole, are quite familiar, and some sneakerhead should be able to recognize them as classic elements of Off White x Nike at a glance.


The exposure of this fake air max 97 off white shoe also attracted the attention of many shoe enthusiasts and media reports, but it was not a collaboration between OW and Kobe, but was designed by an artist who specifically customized Kobe’s sneakers last year.

This time, Tucker’s fake shoes did bring considerable traffic to this custom artist, but it was not because of the appearance of the shoes, but because they were counterfeit shoes. After numerous media outlets reported on the Kobe 5 customized for Tucker’s feet, the artist left a message on an account stating that the initial design was indeed his, but the shoes were not made by him.


Two years ago, the “Gunslinger” Morant also appeared on the court wearing Kobe’s fake shoes. At that time, there were reports that he was the one who “stepped on the mine” by buying shoes from a shoe store, so Tucker may have encountered a similar situation this time.

I didn’t expect that the “shoe king” would also fall for scams one day, so everyone should pay more attention when buying genuine sneakers. Even the shoe king will crash, let alone ordinary shoe enthusiasts?


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  1. Mike Smith Avatar
    Mike Smith

    The whole process of this incident is so funny! PJ Tucker is so handsome, even wearing fake shoes!

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