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Fake Balenciaga 3XL Beige 734734w3xl59110 Images

Want to know what Fake Balenciaga 3XL Beige looks like? Compared with other series such as Balenciaga track or Balenciaga triple s, the 3XL series of Balenciaga shoes have characteristics that are difficult to replicate 1:1.


Debuting in summer 2023, the balenciaga 3xl sneaker is a high-performance sneaker that highlights the brand’s classic design pieces. The first is to create an extra-wide shoe shape by extending the sole to enhance the stability of the shoe body. The shoe body is made of multiple pieces of technical mesh material of different sizes, and the special shoelace design also increases the stability of the shoe.


Just like the authentic balenciaga 3xl beige sneakers, this fake balenciaga 3xl beige sneakers feature the Balenciaga logo on the toe edge and back, 3XL rubber branding on the tongue with reflective details, and extra laces tied around the shoe for styling purpose and can be removed during use. The main body is made of mesh and polyurethane. Reflective details on the back tab and tongue tab.

But unlike the authentic balenciaga 3xl beige, the fake balenciaga 3xl beige is too old and exaggerated, resulting in many details not being in their best condition. And due to padding and other reasons, the overall size is bloated, but the difference is not big after putting on the feet. The overall three-dimensional effect of genuine products is stronger, and the concave and convex shape of the shoe shape is more obvious. The overall side undulations of the fake are small, but the overall shape can be changed through fillers, and there are subtle variables. The height difference between the two pairs of shoes is different. Genuine products will have larger height differences, larger fluctuations, and a stronger sense of layering. The fake height difference is small and the height is not enough.

The fake balenciaga 3xl beige heel circle will be slightly larger and chunky than the real balenciaga 3xl beige. Real balenciaga 3xl beige is slender, the font is the same, and the heel edge is more natural and smooth. The fake balenciaga 3xl beige shoe collar is everted.


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